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Friends remember Hannah Miller, one year after her murder outside of Rhinelander

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Hannah Miller

One year ago today, Hannah Miller, a Rhinelander mom, was shot and killed in the Town of Pelican.

WAOW News 9 met with some of Hannah's friends, reflecting on the last 365 days.

Kelly Lee, a friend of Hannah, said it feels exactly the same as the first day they found out the news.

Another friend of Hannah, Ali Hoffhein, said that it doesn't feel like it's been a year.

Kirsten Lotz, a friend of Hannah, said they are trying to live through her and for her, doing their best to keep going everyday.

They have held fundraisers, and established a scholarship in Hannah's name that awarded $1,000 to a Rhinelander High School student.

They've also donated to Tri-County Council.

Hannah's friends said being with each other has helped keep her memory alive.

"It was her birthday on Friday, and we all got together and talked about our favorite memories of Hannah, and then we had a cake for her, so I feel like just keeping her memory alive is the biggest thing we have and keeps us, keeps us going everyday," said Lotz.

She added that if you know someone going through domestic violence, be there for them and try to help as much as you can.

"Just like Kelly said, listening to somebody and being there and being a friend, a shoulder to cry on and talk to, just talk to somebody if you're going through a domestic violence situation, because nobody is going to know unless you say something," said Lotz.

The Tri-County Council is sharing information for those experiencing, or those who know someone experiencing, domestic violence.

Katey is a Domestic Violence Program Coordinator with the Tri-County Council in Oneida County, she said one of the biggest things is that a lot of people don't want to talk about their situation.

She said you can call anonymously.

She explained they want to break those barriers down and talk about resources available.

For a friend or family member finding out about domestic violence, she said being there for that person is important, and added to support that person and their decisions.

"It can be really easy to kind of push your judgement onto friends or family, but just really letting them know like 'I am here for you, and I want to be here for you to do whatever you want to do.' And that can be really helpful for that person, just to know that they have that support," said Katey.

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