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Meeting in Woodruff provides education on the electoral process

Voters casting ballots
Katie Thoresen/WXPR

An event in Woodruff hosted by Keep our Republic aims to educate people in the Northwoods about the electoral process.

Tracy Hartman, Oneida County Clerk, said, "We hear a lot of the voting machine is going to steal my vote, It's not secure we're gonna talk about that. The security that goes into the voting machine, the ballots that are used and how those all come together to make sure that the election results are accurate."

Hartman gets to see and hear the things people think about elections up close and personal.

That's why she says it's crucial to bridge the gap between voters and elections.

Hartman continued, "Elections are a big part of America and making sure that the people that are making the decisions that affect our daily lives are who we want them to be and we want the voters to know that their vote is accurate and matters. We don't want them to walk away, this disenfranchised with that process."

Kathy Bernier is the State Director for Keep Our Republic, and has spent many years around elections as a clerk, she now devotes her time to helping people understand and get a full grasp on the electoral process.

Bernier said, "Our job is to just let people know that 2024 is coming up, you know, let's just chill and recognize that the electoral process works and that it's open to everyone so you can observe, you can participate, you can work the polls. We are all open and transparent with our election processes here in Wisconsin."

So what's the one big thing you should know when heading to the polls in November?

"Your vote matters, your vote is safe, your vote is secure, and our election results are good in Wisconsin," said Hartman.

This is the sixth and final seminar in this series, but the group says they're still planning to host other similar events in the lead up to the election.

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