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We Energies back to normal operations after weekend request for customers to cut gas use

After a supply issue prompted We Energies to ask its customers to turn their thermostats down, the company says that customers can return to using their normal heat.

We Energies sent out that notification to customers late last week after they said one of their suppliers couldn't ship their full amount of natural gas.

"On Friday, one of our suppliers who supplies us with natural gas experienced a significant equipment failure," said spokesperson for We Energies, Matt Cullen.

The failure came as temperatures in our area dipped to below zero, which cut the supply they were supposed to receive by 30%. To compensate, We Energies asked it's customers to drop their thermostats to 60 degrees.

"We began taking steps, we began putting our response plans into action in order to respond to this situation," said Cullen.

We Energies ended up tapping into their own reserves of natural gas and propane to balance it out, but some customers weren't happy with the request.

"We Energies distribution network reliably served our customers throughout that extraordinary event, and it helped ensure that none of our customers went without heat in their homes," said Cullen.

This is the first time We Energies has faced this specific issue, but they do plans for events like this so no customer is without heat.

"This was an unprecedented event," said Cullen. "We will continue that focus on planning and preparation so that we can continue to have those responses, actions, and plans ready for potential events."

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