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Hikers welcome new year with events at state parks

Hikers at Rib Mountain State Park
Wyatt Williams
WAOW Television
Hikers at Rib Mountain State Park

Central Wisconsin is known for being filled with fun and unique parks and recreational activities.

Monday's event at Rib Mountain State Park had a great showing with around twenty people and two dogs hitting the trails to indulge in this new year activity.

Ally Noll, Park Naturalist at Rib Mountain State Park said, “There is so much cool nature just in your backyard so if you come out i would be happy to share that with you, we learn from each other we get a chance to hike and explore it is really wonderful."

The hike was centered around our winter, and how the environment and animals react to the low temperature.

“On the hike, usually when we're hiking we're stopping, we're going, we're talking about all sorts of things that we're seeing here. So today we're talking mostly about winter ecology..."

Noll continued, "You know what do all our animals do here at Rib Mountain in the winter, how do they get through this? All sorts of things, what happens with snow, how snow changes the environment, and that depends on the hike you're going on, but today it's winter ecology."

Also, remember the new year has started so it's time to renew those passes, granting you access to any of the beautiful parks that call Wisconsin home.

Noll said, “If you haven't got your 2024 state park sticker, remember to get it, all of the Wisconsin state parks, not just here at Rib Mountain, all have something unique and awesome to offer. whether that be a guided hike with a park naturalist like me or just out exploring on your own, get your 2024 state park sticker, there's a lot to see and a lot to do here."

In all, 21 hikes were offered at state parks all over Wisconsin.

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