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Iron County Group to Host Candidate Forums

Contested county board elections in Iron County have given rise to a series of candidate forums. 

The Iron County Citizen's Forum is organizing the two nonpartisan debates inspired by the League of Women Voters format. 

Organizer Terry Daulton says the controversy over a proposed iron mine has engaged more people in local politics.

“It’s very unusual to have this many people running. And it’s actually brought a lot of people into the fold thinking about what are the things our county is doing – so I think it’s actually energized the public a little bit.”

At the forums candidates will have a chance to make an opening and closing statement, but most of the time will be devoted to audience questions. 

Daulton says organizers are hoping discussion topics will include a diversity of local issues. 

“Both give people an opportunity to share their views with the candidates through their questions, but also give the candidates an opportunity to talk about their skills and interests – and that can go well beyond the current mining controversy.”

The first program is March 19th at Hurley High School…featuring county board candidates from Districts 1-10.  The second is March 26th at the Mercer Community Center…with candidates from Districts 11-15. 

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