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New Mayor Set to Take Over Friday P.M.

Natalie Jablonski

Crandon’s soon-to-be mayor is set to take the oath of office Friday.

Dennis Rosa was elected in a recall vote Tuesday, in which he won two thirds of the votes and beat out incumbent mayor Rob Jaeger.

City clerk Cindy Bradley says after a recall, there’s a mandatory three day window that allows for a recount if vote totals are close, which they aren’t in this case.  Then the new mayor can take over. 

“There’s an oath of office that you sign, after you sign you don’t have to do the formality of swearing him in. We may do that at the council meeting next week, just to make it seem more official, but it’s just a matter of signing the official oath form in front of myself, actually.”

Rosa is scheduled to sign the oath after 5 pm.  He’ll assume duties immediately, and his first day in the office will be Monday.    

With 560 people voting, Bradley says turnout was high in Tuesday’s election.  She says numbers were similar to turnout in the last contested mayor’s race. 

“It was a real close number, it was like 540 the last time. So this was real close. And it was also real close to the last governor’s race. The governor’s race I think was 603.”

Over two hundred citizens signed a petition asking to recall incumbent mayor Rob Jaeger, citing political differences.    

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