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Bewley Beats Deutsch to Take Sen. Jouch's Seat

One of the closer races on Election Night was the 25th Senate District, a seat vacated by longtime Democratic Senator Bob Jauch. 

Democrat Janet Bewley won the seat, after serving two terms in the state 74th Assembly District. 

Bewley says she’s committed to representing everyone within the Senate district, which is the largest in the state.

“It takes a lot of rubber from tires, a lot of shoe leather, but that’s exactly what I’m willing to do, to follow in Bob’s footsteps, and represent all of these good working people of the north.”

Bewley says she’s accustomed to getting things done despite being in the minority party, and says she’ll work with Republicans to pass legislation that helps working families. 

“I know how to keep my eyes open and how to understand the lay of the land, see the strategies both within my caucus and within the Republican caucus. But then once you understand what those priorities are what direction you want to go, that’s when you have to do the real hard work of building the relationships.”

An unofficial count of the votes gives Bewley 51 percent or just under 35,000 votes, with Deutsch getting 49 percent or about 33,000.

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