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Sen. Bewley Wonders About The Future Of The DNR


State Senator Janet Bewley(D-Mason) says Governor Walker said little in his recent State of the State address about the major changes in one well-known agency.

Democrat Bewley noted little was said about the DNR. A massive reorganization is planned within the agency....

"...with the massive change that is coming to that department, one would think he would at least talk about it, and he avoided it like the plague. Did not mention a word, either about about the department itself, or our concern for water quality in Wisconsin and who is going to make sure our resources stay pristine...."

Bewley says she's concerned about Representative Adam Jarchow's proposal to separate out the various agencies and 'farm out' the responsibilities elsewhere, leaving the DNR with only permitting responsibilities...

".....that is not what a DNR should do. The DNR should have a comprehensive and scientific ability to maintain the quality of our resources..."

Bewley says she heard little about fixing the broken transportation system and funding education.

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