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Combination of heat and humidity hard on the body


As temperatures climb into the 80s and borderline 90s, it's important to stay cool. When it's humid, too, it feels all the worse.

When you sweat, it's your body's way of cooling off, with the sweat evaporating and taking heat off your skin.

When things are humid and muggy, that process takes a lot longer making it hard to regulate your body temperature.

That can lead to dehydration, light-headedness, muscle cramps and potentially worse things as well.

"Today when humidity is higher, we'll see more people who not go down, but who fall to the ground easier and have a harder time to recuperate, and they're just exhausted," said Lt. Jared Linke with the Riverside Fire District.

Experts say that there are increased risks for people who are working outside every day as well as the elderly.

Experts also point out that cars can be dangerous if they break down in hot temperatures. They recommend to make sure you have plenty of water with you and keep your windows open until help arrives.

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