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The Weather Has Also Slowed Maple Syrup Production

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This is supposed to be prime time for one of Wisconsin's premier products: maple syrup.

Mother Nature isn't cooperating.

The Executive Director of the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association, Theresa Baroun says things are behind schedule...

"...Maple production this year, people are tapping two to three weeks later than in the past. Usually people in Wisconsin tap in mid-February, end of February, depending on the system they use, pails or tubing. With this weather, the snow has put a damper on tapping this year..."

She says in the Northwoods it's been tough because of the depth of the snow in the woods. She says near where she lives in DePere area, producers are finishing up their taps this week. There is a relatively narrow window to gather the sap...

"...It's best when it starts freezing at night and above freezing during the day. Once you get that 60-70 degree weather and your trees start budding. It's time to be done tapping. It's time for the sap to go back into the tree to help make the leaves...."

She says the rain has helped bring the snow level down and could help some producers.

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