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DNR Warns License Buyers About Nationwide Scam

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There are all kinds of scams out there so it isn't unexpected to find thieves trying to sell you a fake hunting and/or fishing license.

The DNR has issued a notice to outdoor sports enthusiasts to make sure the place you're getting a license is really an official state website or facility.

DNR spokesperson Kimberly Currie says be alert for fakes...

"...There are some sites out there that offer customers an opportunity to buy a hunting or fishing license. Please read(them) carefully, they are often offering a pamphlet or a guide on how to buy a license. They can't actually issue you a valid hunting or fishing license. Some of them have some rather substantial fees for what they claim as a service...."

Currie says there's only one place to get valid hunting and fishing licenses...

"Know that the only way to buy a valid hunting or fishing license is through the DNR 'Go Wild' website. The only website that offers that is gowild.wi.gov

Kimberly Currie says you can also purchase a license by going to a Wisconsin DNR Service Center...

"You can also go through an independent license sales agent , such as a local sporting goods store, large discount store or local shop, that use the Go Wild point of sale terminal."

Currie says if you think you may have already been scammed by one of these sites, you can file a complaint with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection by calling the hotline at 1-800-422-7128.

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