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Wisconsin DNR Collecting Public Comment on PFAS Action Plan


The DNR and the Wisconsin PFAS Action Council is seeking public input on its PFAS Action Plan.

PFAS is a group of chemicals created in the 1930s.The chemicals are used in a range of products including non-stick cookware, waterproof clothing, and firefighting foam.

In recent years, PFAS has been found in Wisconsin ground water, surface water, and drinking water as well as animal and fish tissue.

The issue is if enough of the chemical builds up in a person, say through their drinking water contaminated with high concentrations of it, it can lead to health issues.

Scientists have found PFAS has led to development problems in fetuses, certain types of cancer, and reduce ability to fight off infection.

In response to these findings and the discovery of high levels in some water throughout the state, Wisconsin has created a PFAS Action Plan. The plan was created in response to an Executive Order from Governor Tony Evers for state agencies to address concerns related to PFAS.

Right now, the nearly 200-page document is in draft form. The DNR and the Wisconsin PFAS Action Council is looking for more public input.

“This is only going to be tackled if we all work together. A coordinating body of state agencies, but also must done in partnership with stakeholders and community members across Wisconsin,” said DNR Policy Director for the Office of Emerging Contaminants Mimi Johnson.

The PFAS Action Plan covers everything from sampling to pollution prevention to education. There’s a link to a public comment form on the first page of the PFAS Action Plan Draft.

“It’s a space where people can jump in, they can provide general comments they can provide comments on each individual action item or any number of them they have thoughts on. They can also upload comments and documents to that form as well,” said Johnson.

There will also be a virtual public hearing on October 21st.

You can access the draft through the DNR’s website.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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