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Semco Lawsuit: Lawmaker and Enforcer Respond

WAOW Television

There's new hope for the 140 Semco employees who lost their jobs without notice in January of 2020.

The Department of Justice is suing the company for nearly $700,000.

Attorney General Josh Kaul said that number represents unpaid wages employees would have seen if Semco gave two months notice, as required by the state.

"People were wrongfully denied the notice they were owed under the law,” he said. “That meant they weren’t paid and they didn't get the wages and the benefits that they were owed."

State Senator Mary Felzkowski celebrated the announcement Monday.

"It was devastating,” she said. “There was no help for them to navigate anything after they announced that they closed."

Per the release, Attorney General Kaul aims to recover the wages by enforcing a lien on all Semco Properties.

Those properties were acquired by Sierra Pacific in 2020.

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