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Caution urged as riders take to snowmobile trails


Snowmobile trails may be open in many locations, but riders do need to keep safety in mind, especially with early season conditions.

Experts say to make sure you aren't riding alone. Some trails do not have any cell phone service if a rider were to get lost or stuck.

Make sure to bundle up and add extra layers as well. Protecting the neck and face can be key as wind hits a rider's face.

To avoid getting lost, always have a landmark that you know you can get back to, otherwise stay on marked trails so you can find your way back or to your destination.

If you see debris on the trails blocking a rider's path, snowmobile clubs around the area say that it would be a huge help to them and others if riders were able to move the debris.

"Take it easy and slow down," said President of the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club, Curt Christensen. "If you see something and you're able to move it off the trails, all the clubs would appreciate it."

The Forest Riders planned to begin grooming operations Monday, and reported trails in fair to good condition in their area

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