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New snow allows more snowmobile trails to open


Snowmobile trails in southern Langlade County opened as of this Friday morning.

Zone A in Langlade County had already been open, and now, zone B is as well.

All lake and river trails in Langlade County are considered unsafe and shouldn’t be used until they have been marked by a snowmobile club.

Zone A trails in Langlade County are reported to be in good to excellent condition.

Zone B trails are said to be in fair to good shape with some ice patches and rough spots.

With snowmobilers itching to get on the trails, Marathon County is hoping to open zone one and four by the end of the weekend.

Daniel Schmid with Marathon County Parks and Recreation said they are hoping to open all zones as soon as possible, but they want to make sure the trails are safe.

Once they get the 'okay' from the snowmobile clubs, they'll have a trail inspector check out zones one and four for final approval.

"Right now tentatively, no yes or no yet," said Schmid. "We're hoping to get open by Saturday morning, Sunday at the latest."

As for the other zones, Schmid said that the condition of those trails need to improve as crews are working day and night to get them properly groomed.

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