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Cap lifted as demand grows for electrified campsites in Wisconsin


Many of the people looking to get away camping in Wisconsin also want access to power.

There had been a cap of 35 percent of campsites offered by the DNR being able to have access to electricity.

Paul Neumann, Management and Budget Section Chief for the DNR, says that cap was removed in the new state budget.

“Electrified campsites are in high demand from our customers, and this removal of that cap really responds to those concerns. I’ll also add too, that removal of that cap also includes $1.5-million in one-time spending authority to install these electrified campsites,” said Neumann.

Neumann says there will also be additional funds for visitor payment technology, such things as kiosks and credit card terminals to make it easier to purchase things like day permits, campsite permits or annual permits.

Neumann talked about the changes during a recent Natural Resources Board meeting.

John Burton is the WXPR Morning Edition Host.
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