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Jeff Burke

Blues Friday Host

The impetus for my 17+ yr. station involvement stems from my commitment to initially fulfill a role as an on-air host when the opportunity presented itself. which was soon after I accompanied a then new host who had begun a stint as a Blues Friday on-air volunteer. I enjoyed pulling music for him on the several trips we shared down to Rhinelander and pure serendipity followed soon after when the other 9 to midnight shift opened up. In 2015 following my involvement in a selection committee seeking a new General Manager I was asked by then current Board members to join the Board, subsequently serving as Chair for 6+ years which oversaw the hiring of another (and current) General Manager, facility upgrades many staff and Board member changes and an exterior building restoration last year. All in all-a really good run. Brilliant staff, brilliant volunteers = a brilliant station!

Jeff Burke is always listening, always getting ready for his next show. He loves the blues, all forms, plus R&B, soul, rock, funk, gospel and of course jazz. He weaves it into the music format because blues is the godfather of it all.