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Rhinelander starts putting 2023 road construction projects out to bid

Katie Thoresen

Referring to a large map spread out on a table in his office in Rhinelander City Hall, Mayor Kris Hanus breaks down the list of major road and utility projects the city is hoping to accomplish in 2023.

“It would be a complete reconstruct of Oneida up to Rives,” said Hanus.

Rhinelander City Council recently approved sending projects out to bid.

The two projects at the top of the list are the streets around City Hall to the Courthouse and the rest of Timber Drive. The portion between Stevens and Coolidge was done this year.

The Timber Drive project is the first one going out to bid. It’s expected to be in the ballpark of $3 million for the entire project.

The Oneida Avenue project is expected to be more than $9 million.

Depending on how the finals bids on those projects come out, Hanus says the city is also hoping to do some chip seal or mill and overlay work on some other streets include Courtney, Brown by the overpass, and Sutliff Ave. on the west side.

Mayor Kris Hanus points out different road construction projects planned for 2023.
Katie Thoresen
Mayor Kris Hanus points out different road construction projects planned for 2023.

While none of these projects are set in stone, Hanus says it’s good for people to start thinking about them now.

“I wouldn’t want to be re-seeding my lawn knowing the road’s going to get chewed up, so I figure more communication’s better than less and to be honest people care about roads,” he said. “That is the one biggest gripe I hear from every person, and I’m committed in my four years to do $25 million of road improvement.”

In addition to city projects, the Wisconsin DOT has two major projects slated for next year.

One is on Highway 17 between U.S. 8 and Stevens Street. Crews will remove and replace asphalt pavement.

The other project is on Highway 8 between the roundabout and North Rifle Road where crews will remove and replace asphalt as well as fixing the railroad crossing, gutters, and the storm sewer system.

“There could be a point in time where, pick a road, there’s going to be cones,” said Hanus.

The Rhinelander City projects are expected to be funded through a mix of grants, low-interest loans, and PRAT Tax money.

Two of the projects also include biking and walking paths.

The DOT’s Highway 17 project would expand the sidewalk to a 10-foot-wide multi-use path.

The City of Rhinelander has gotten a $318,000 grant to add a biking and walking path along Timber Drive to Highway 17.

“For the most all your major roads are now connected, the key is now the one block to get to Pioneer to tie in and in our westside park and then eventually keep tying in to get to downtown. My goal is to get to all of our major parks, the Dome, the ice arena, or downtown all connected from hiking, walking, biking abilities,” said Hanus.

There are maps for the proposed city road projects posted at Rhinelander City Hall.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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