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High school students considering a health occupation will be about as close as you can get Wednesday morning to watching heart surgery without physically being in the room.

An estimated 180 students from five area high schools will view a live open heart surgery broadcast to the Nicolet College Theater. The surgery is part of the Live From the Heart program run by the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

Dean of Health Occupations at Nicolet College, Lenore Blemke says the program is broadcast live as an open heart surgery is taking place....

Nicolet College Included In New UW Tuition Plan

Feb 6, 2017
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A new plan unveiled last week would give one free year of tuition at U-W Madison to some of the first students in their families to seek college degrees.

The students would have to transfer to Madison after two years of schooling at the U-W Colleges around the state and certain technical schools -- and it would only take effect if the state provides funding. The only technical college north of Madison and Milwaukee involved in the proposal is Nicolet College in Rhinelander.

College President Dr. Richard Nelson....

UPDATE(1/12/2017 9:30 a.m.)

This week the Northwoods have been privy to a very unique international tour.

South African musician Lorraine Klaasen and her ensemble have spent the week touring around northern Wisconsin ahead of her show this Saturday night, Nov. 19th at the Nicolet College Theatre.

WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin has the story.

In celebration of their new art gallery, Nicolet College is hosting Arts Day Saturday, September 24th. The event features several creative workshops and an opening reception for the Northern National Art Competition in the evening.

Executive Director, Sandy Kinney says Arts Day is open to anyone.

A spokesperson for the state Technical College system says a survey shows most 2015 graduates found work soon after graduating from school.

Technical College System spokesperson Conor Smyth says the placement level was high...

"....93 percent of our 2015 graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation. That percentage has not gone below 86 percent for the last 17 years...."

Nicolet Area Technical College

A closing reception for three area artists is set for Saturday night at Nicolet College before the WXPR concert. The reception features  the works of Rhinelander artists Jaron Childs, an oil painter, and Benjamin Tatrow , a photographer. The third artist is Craig Pilecky from Antigo, a photographer.

Gallery Director Katy Ralph says the artists will be on hand Saturday evening to meet the public and talk about their works...

Nicolet College Business Instructor David Phillips, standing, teaching his Business Marketing class at Crandon High School. This dual credit course gives Crandon juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits.Credit Nicolet Area Technical CollegeEdit | Remove

Nicolet College officials are pleased with an announcement last week by Governor Walker that more than $3 million dollars is now available to help students take college-level credits while still in high school.

It's called "dual enrollment". Nicolet College President Dr. Richard Nelson says students who have some credits in hand when they enroll are more likely to finish their degrees. He says another reason is practical...

Offering dead-on, honest songwriting  delivered in a hauntingly beautiful and gritty neo-traditional Americana wrapper, Wild Ponies takes all the rich detail and narrative of their earlier work and adds a sonic right fist. With quick wit and fearless delivery, Doug and Telisha Williams with drummer Megan Jane, make every show stunning and personal.

Join WXPR and Nicolet College Saturday, January 30th at 7:30pm in the Nicolet Theater for this great night of music. Tickets are $25 or $20 for WXPR members.

Two state legislators are working on a bill to allow people with concealed carry permits to have guns on state campuses. It also would revoke an exception granted to the technical college system to ban guns on campus. The bills are sponsored by Rep. Jesse Kremer and Senator Devin LeMahieu. The bills in each chamber are in response to recent campus shootings. At Nicolet College, Executive Dean Ron Skallerud says they're reviewing the situation...

Area Kids Learn What it Takes to be a Manufacturer

Oct 8, 2015
Nicolet College

  Nearly 600 local eighth grade students enrolled in shop classes participated in the Heavy Metal Tour at Nicolet College this afternoon. The workshop featured tours of local manufacturing plants, and hands-on activities in mechanical, Industrial and welding labs. Samantha from Northwoods Community Secondary School participated in the workshops and says she isn’t interested in the manufacturing business, but thought touring the ABX plant was an exciting experience.

Baladino to Bring Mediterranean Folk Music to the Northwoods

Sep 29, 2015

  A musical group who is touring around the Midwest is giving the Northwoods a taste of their musical traditions. Nicolet Area Technical College is hosting the Israeli ensemble Baladino, Friday. The five-member band plays a style of music that traces back to the medieval period, known as Ladino. Percussionist Yshai Afterman says their songs are original 15th century songs from when the Jews were expelled from Spain and dispersed throughout the Mediterranean region.

Nicolet College Budget Close To Last Year's Figure

Jun 18, 2015

The Nicolet College Board of Trustees recently approved the college’s budget for next year which is projected to slightly reduce the tax on a $100,000 home from $37.40 this year to $37.08.

The final tax rate won’t be known until October when the state releases final property valuation figures. The projected tax levy is based on an estimated valuation increase of 1 percent in the district. Last year valuations increased 1.75 percent.

The total budget unanimously approved by the board is $35,821,178, a 0.44 percent decrease from the previous year.

Nicolet Area Technical College

Nicolet College students looking to transfer to Northland College to earn a bachelor’s degree can now be guaranteed admission through one transfer agreement and have more options thanks to other agreements recently signed by officials from both colleges.

Located in Ashland, Northland is a liberal arts college with about 600 students.

Nicolet Transfer Coordinator Teresa Rose says after studying the offerings of both colleges, both schools felt it was a good fit....