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Clearing hydrants of snow can help in an emergency

WAOW Television

With more than a half foot of snow on Wednesday, the Wausau Fire Department is looking for help from local citizens.

The City of Wausau has been dealing with staffing issues making it difficult for them to clear all fire hydrants.

Seconds can matter in an emergency situation, and the Fire Department would appreciate any and all citizens helping out with clearing fire hydrants.

"If you have a hydrant in your neighborhood, just because it's not necessarily under your property, if you could all chip in with your neighbors and keep the hydrants clear, maybe like a three-foot circle around the hydrant and out on the road," said Jeremy Kopp, Deputy Chief of the Wausau Fire Department.

The city of Wausau has over 1,700 hydrants looking to get cleared, making sure they can prevent caps from freezing and any delays that could prevent the department for an immediate response.

They also mentioned that with this much snow and snowplows out, the hydrants could get reburied under a layer of snow.

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