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Potholes being patched during period of unusual warmth

Wikimedia Commons Miguel Tremblay

Potholes have already started to reappear in Wausau, to some degree.

Wausau Public Works crews could be seen Monday treating potholes near Bridge Street, using machinery that aims to treat them with hot mix, often reserved for later in the year.

"Instead of using our recycler, normally we'd have the patch trucks out and we'd just be throwing cold mix in it to get us by until warmer weather but with weather cooperating with us, crews are out with the recycler and we're doing pothole patching when we can," said Wausau Public Works Superintendent Dustin Kraege.

At this time of year, Kraege says the roads are little better than they were at this time a year ago, which others say they have noticed.

"I feel like whenever it's, like, really cold, we have a lot more potholes, but it's been super warm," said Aiden Galbreth of Wausau.

Much of the last month has featured relatively mild temperatures and little snow, which are ingredients for better overall roads.

"The less salt we put on the road, the better it is for the concrete, it won't wear out as fast. The plows are abusive to the road as well, they'll catch on little edges of potholes and stuff like that, and pop them out and make it work, so the less plowing and stuff that we're doing, it helps keep the roads nicer," Kraege said.

Knowing a traditional winter scene can reappear at any time, they're taking full advantage of their current elements.

"The cold weather, if we get some water down the cracks, it can blow out some potholes, some cracks, stuff like that, but we'll see what the weather does," Kraege said.

Wausau residents can report especially bad potholes to their Pothole Hotline at 715-261-6960.

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