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Mine company works with DNR as it seeks to explore a possible mineral deposit in Marathon County

Dan Dumas/Kim Swisher Communications

Green Light Metals keeps working with the DNR on plans to do exploratory drilling at a possible mineral deposit in Marathon County.

A representative from the Canadian Company says they are working to compile more information on the potential environmental impact of any exploratory mining, adding that they feel confident they will demonstrate that the work can be done in a safe and responsible manner.

The request from the DNR is not uncommon, officials with Green Light add environmental agencies often ask for clarification when processing these permits.

No work will be done in the area until all permits have been approved and signed, meaning at this time no drilling is imminent.

Green Light Metals formally applied for a permit to conduct exploratory mining on the site this spring, and officials with the company emphasize that any actual mining on the site is still years away if they find it to be a worthwhile deposit.

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