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Fire in Marshfield shows how quickly debris burning can get out of control

Aftermath of a shed fire in Marshfield
Nick Robinson
WAOW Television
Aftermath of a shed fire in Marshfield

"High" and "Very High" fire warnings can be seen across the state.

On Sunday, Marshfield fire crews responded to a shed fire off of East 17th Street. Fire officials say it caught other sheds on fire as well, and started when a homeowner left the fire for just a few minutes.

Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Everett Mueller said "The gentleman that was tending the fire had left because his dog ran off, and he went to grab his dog. When he came back, there literally was fire on the shed and it was already spreading to the other two sheds."

Wildfire experts from the Wisconsin DNR say that situations like this happen all too often. Amy Penn, a Forestry Specialist with the Wisconsin DNR, said, "The number one cause of wild fires in Wisconsin is debris burning. So that's people that are cleaning up their yards, dealing with sticks and pine needles and leaves just trying to clean up their property."

Mueller says there are ways that you can keep from adding another fire to the list, and still be able to have a burn. He said, "We want to make sure that they're not burning any waste, refuge, tires, things like that. We're only burning clean firewood. And really, something to think about there is, if you can't cook over the top of that fire, it's not something that you want to burn."

He said to always check the burn permit status in your area, and to have someone tending to the fire at all times.

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