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Community members object to reconstruction plans for Highway S in Conover


A reconstruction project planned for Highway S in Conover would eliminate about four right-hand turns for the sake of safety.

But more than 100 people object to the project, and say they would rather keep the highway as it is.

Joanie Green on East Flowage Road is one of those people.

She says no one has been killed on that stretch of highway, and argues that reconstruction could actually cause vehicles to speed up since there would be no curves to slow them down.

She also says the reconstruction project would cause a loss of rural aesthetics, invade woodlands, and come at a monetary cost to private homeowners who would have to create new driveways.

The estimated cost of the four-mile project set for 2023 is $3.3 million. The county would pay $666,000.

The County Highway Committee noted no one objected to the plans or came to the committee meeting when the reconstruction plan was on the agenda.

Final plans for the project were submitted August 1.

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