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Those who live in mobile homes need to plan ahead for bad weather

Mobile home
Nick Robinson
WAOW Television

People who live in mobile homes are often at a disadvantage during storms due to the face that they often don't have a basement for residents to take shelters in.

After severe weather struck Central Wisconsin, officials across the area say they saw some sort of damage county-wide.

Marathon County Public Information Officer Sarah Severson says that the storms should serve as a wake-up call.

Severson said, "Last night is really a perfect example of why preparedness is so important. So, folks that are in mobile homes, having a plan whether that's with a relative nearby, a neighbor, a community shelter. "

She said that some mobile home parks have a basement in their main office, but if yours doesn't, she said to find the nearest building that has one. The number one thing she said, was to always have a plan before the storm hits.

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