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Recovering from storm damage in Marathon County

Storm damage in Marathon County
Nick Robinson
WAOW Television
Storm damage in Marathon County

The Village of Unity is living up to it's namesake. Everyone was lending a helping hand after a tornado rocked the town.

Before the tornado even got there, it hit the property of Dan Stoiber and his wife Laura. It ripped the roof off of their shed, and spread debris all over their yard, but her said that most of the stuff they lost can be replaced, and he's thankful that everyone was ok.

Stoiber said, "We had a loft and everything was supposed to be up there high and dry. When the roof is gone things get a little bit more wet, so, pictures, you're more personal items, those are probably the worst. Material things can be replaced."

Thankfully, only the shed saw damage, they said their home was spared due in part to a tree catching debris flying towards it.

But what happens now? Village Board Member Dillon Cook said they had an emergency meeting to discuss the next steps, among them were possibly declaring and emergency, and requesting funding.

Cook said, "We met with disaster management and Red Cross, and they told us that programs are available through the state, so we are going to be gathering information, volunteer information, all the equipment that was brought in, how much that costs."

Support for the small community has been coming in from far and wide. Village President Melissa Brost says that they've received help from as far away as Eau Claire, and that she's even more proud to call the area home after what she's seen.

Brost said, "It shows you how strong of a community Central Wisconsin is. Not even within our small community, Central Wisconsin itself is a community because of how much people are willing to come and help."

Though it might not get fixed overnight, people in the village said they know they'll get through it together.

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