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Going out on the ice becoming a risky proposition

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Having days in the thirties feels like summer compared to a week prior with temperatures barely above zero degrees, but it is having a major impact on those looking to still use the ice to catch some fish.

For all the die-hards trying to make the most of a poor season, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to not risk your life for a few more fish.

"If you have an ice auger, obviously to drill a hole, by the landing, see how much ice is there. Obviously ice conditions can vary significantly in very short distances. So, making sure you're checking that ice every few feet is important," said Josh Litvinoff, Conservation Warden with the Wisconsin DNR.

In Portage County, the Stevens Point Fire Department spent the day preparing for if the worst were to happen on the ice.

The team was not told that they were training today, in order to make the scenario feel as real as possible.

“We train on this at least once a year, especially when the ice is here, it's a perfect time for us to get out here and train, and hone in on our skills a little bit more, and it's not something we can do year round so it's good to get out here when we get the chance to," said Jennifer Petkoff, Firefighter and Paramedic with the Stevens Point Fire Department. "It's not too cold today so it's the perfect opportunity to kind of sharpen our skills, and make sure we're prepared for any emergency we may have."

When it comes to these rescue missions, it's all about one thing: making sure everyone gets home that night safe and sound.

“We just want to make sure that everyone is safe, that's our number one priority is that not only us as a department is safe, but we get our victim out safely as well, and then we just want to make sure that we're practicing safe skills as well, making sure that we're doing things properly with the RDC (Rapid Deployment Craft) boat making sure we're dressed and properly prepared," said Petkoff.

For ice safety tips, you can visit the Wisconsin DNR website.

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