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The Great Headwaters Trails Foundation develops trails – for bicycling and walking – in Vilas County.

The foundation was just named Business of the Month by the Vilas County Economic Development Corporation.

Listen to the full interview with Executive Director Jeff Currie to learn about the organization’s current and future projects, and how developing trails can help the local economy.

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Jeff Currie and his wife Ann took advantage of the early snow melt to get a look at the latest progress on the Great Headwaters Trails.

“I must say this is the first time we’ve taken a look at it,” said Jeff. “It’s definitely dramatic.”

They’re exploring the corner of Song Hill Lane and County Highway K, west of Phelps. That’s where the 8.5 mile stretch of trail from Conover ends and the work on the last segment of trail is beginning.

Over the winter, loggers came through and took down trees that are still strewn over where the path will wind through the woods.

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There’s more than 100 miles of trails in Iron County that’s open to walking, hiking, biking, and skiing, and people are working to add more.

Great Headwaters Trails

The Conover-Phelps section of the Great Headwaters Trails is in the home stretch.

The goal is a 10.7 mile paved bike trail connecting the towns of Conover and Phelps in Vilas County.

The Great Headwaters Trails is 1.9 miles away from reaching that goal.

“Biking of course has become on even bigger thing this year and just being outside. The trail certainly allows people to continue to do those things,” said GHT Executive Director Jeff Currie.

To build the final stretch of the trail, the GHT is looking to raise a total of $200,000.

Coleman Engineering

A segment of the busy Iron Belle biking trail in the U.P. is getting an extension which will be finished later this summer. A developer says much planning has gone into the extension of the trail from Bessemer to Ramsey costing $1.5 million.

Project Engineer Paul Anderson of Coleman Engineering said part of the trail over time has been built between Ironwood and Bessemer on former rail property and the next portion is being worked on this summer...

"We're fortunate enough to be building three miles of asphalt trail from Bessemer to Ramsey.." Free-Photos

Advocates on both sides of the state line are working to improve non-motorized trails in Hurley, Ironwood and beyond.

Construction of a new parking area at the Hurley trailhead began recently, where a parking lot off Highway 51 will allow for more parking on the Wisconsin side to join a Michigan trail system.

Heavy Use Reported On Vilas County Trails

Oct 22, 2019
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Vilas County ATV and off highway motorcycle trails are very popular with visiting public according to reports recently from the county recreation officer along with the new Tamarack dual sports track use.

The City Of Rhinelander is going to try again to get some state money to extend a bike trail, or possibly another project.

At this week's city council meeting, Parks, Buildings and Grounds Director Jeremy Biolo said the city failed in an earlier attempt to get a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Grant to extend a bike trail. An earlier grant built a portion of the trail along West Kemp Street to the Chamber of Commerce building. Biolo told the council if successful, the trail would be extended to the west toward Highway 47...

Bike Trails Proposed In Presque Isle

Apr 12, 2018

Expanding bike routes in western Vilas County is proposed by the Presque Isle Wilderness Peddlers using county highway right-of-way with approval granted by the county highway committee to conduct a feasibility study on the potential routes.

Spokesperson Sarah Johnson appeared before the committee last Tuesday and outlined their request to use Highway W at Presque Isle west to Highway P and then south on Highway P to Highway K at the North Lakeland elementary school, all off the travel surface.

Mountain Bike Group Wants To Expand Minocqua Trails

Apr 12, 2017

A request by a mountain bike club to expand its footprint on town property will need to be coordinated with a private zip line business, which leases space on the same acreage, so there’s no adverse impact on either enterprise. That was the decision by the Minocqua Town Board after Lakeland Area Mountain Biking Organization (LAMBO) representatives approached the board Wednesday, April 5 to discuss adding three miles of trails to its current trail system.

More Bike And Pedestrian Trail Funding Urged

Feb 24, 2016

The Wisconsin Bike Federation group says dozens of communities have asked for a total of 62-million dollars in trail funds through the middle of next year. But the state D-O-T only has one-fourth of that amount available through the federal Transportation Alternatives Program, or about 15-million dollars.

Tom Held of Wisconsin Bike Fed says the legislature has cut dollars from communities wanting to increase it's walking and biking paths. He says the legislature took dollars from the line item to fund other transportation concerns...

The possibility exists of  a bike trail along the Wisconsin and Pelican rivers inside the city limits of Rhinelander, but a bike advocate thinks it's time to consider a trail from Rhinelander out to the Nicolet College campus.

Alex Young is a member of the Rhinelander city council and Oneida county board. The city has already approved seeking funding to possibly get a grant for the rivers portion of the trail...

Bearskin-Hiawatha Connection Opens

Aug 21, 2014

Cyclists can ride more easily between Tomahawk and Minocqua, now that the Bearskin and Hiawatha trails are connected.

The DNR has finished building a six-mile connector stretch that joins the two major trails together. 

Local business owner Jim Wise has been working to make it happen for more than two decades.  He says while it’s taken a while to secure funding, he has high hopes for the finished trail.

Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp will take part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday for a new stretch of Northwoods bike trail.

The Manitowish Waters Bike Trail ceremony takes place Saturday at 1 p.m. at the wayside at the intersection of Vilas county roads "H" and "K".

The ribbon cutting concludes the completion of an 8-mile stretch of the approximately 45-mile-long trail connecting Manitowish Waters and Boulder Junction.

Northern Highland American Legion State Forest Superintendent Steve Petersen says the new trail segment has some unique features....

A popular state hiking, biking and snowmobile trail in Lincoln and Oneida counties will soon be finished and when that happens, users can go from Tomahawk to Minocqua on the trail.

The Tomahawk Chamber of Commerce announced the first phase of the Hiawatha-Bearskin Trail in nearing completion. The 18 mile Bearskin trail was completed in the 1970's and the Hiawatha Trail portion in 1989. The trails use a former railroad bed. There is a six-mile section being completed that will link the two trails  says spokesperson Jim Wise...