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History can be a challenging undertaking.  To uncover evidence, a historian must be part journalist and part detective. But when historical recollections devolve into myth the historian must become a revisionist and upset local legends to tell a story accurately.  Such is the case of Willie Dickinson and Old Man Mudge in Florence. 

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Oneida county is considering becoming a 2nd Amendment sanctuary government.

A committee Thursday voted to have Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond take a look at the various proposals around the state and come back with a document they can amend.

The movement began as a reaction to possible state action to limit firearms. Sanctuary status is designed to allow local officials to not follow laws that might be passed that citizens would view as violating their right to bear arms.

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The name of the shop caught Mark Kerznar’s attention.

“It’s called Glazed and Confused,” he said.  “I’m sitting there, I’m going, ‘It’s called what?’”

The sign, including a logo of a donut with red eyes flashing a peace sign, put it over the top.

“In talking to the Sheriff, he figured we were going to see, pardon my French, we were going to see a real s***storm heading our way.  We’re a border county,” Kerznar said.