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The City of Rhinelander is hosting another deer hunt this fall.

After the public complained about a large city deer herd, the city council approved a bow-and-arrow only hunt in 2006. The hunt has been on-and-off since that time depending on the size of the herd. boristrost

WJFW TV is reporting  test results show water from Crescent Spring on South River Rd. in the Town of Crescent has elevated levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS.

Some studies have shown people exposed to PFAS may be at risk of increased cholesterol levels, worsening response to vaccines, a higher risk of thyroid disease, lower fertility in women, and an elevated risk of high blood pressure in pregnant women.

The Town of Crescent and the Oneida County Health Department recommend NOT drinking the spring water at this point.

The Rhinelander common council this week approved an updated law concerning locating sex offenders within the city limits but left open a now-required appeals panel for offenders. Courts have determined new rules that governments large and small must have regarding sex offender locations.

One of the new provisions requires the right of appeal, as City Administrator Daniel Guild explains... rawpixel

  The recent disclosure that the City of Rhinelander shut down one of it's water wells because of contamination has prompted a city council member to check another nearby city-owned well.

City and DNR officials announced well #7 on the city's far west side had measurable amounts of what are known as PFAS, by-products of industrial chemicals and fire fighting foam.

The rest of the city's water has proven drinkable without concern.

Alderperson Lee Emmer asked Monday night about the water at the nearby Northwood Golf Club.


A downtown Rhinelander environmental cleanup site is going to be a parking lot for the foreseeable future.

The former Lindy Cleaners building was razed and the long term result was an open lot across from city hall on Stevens St. with little commercial interest due to environmental concerns below the surface.

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The Rhinelander Common Council has approved the hiring of new legal help, but cost concerns remain among some council members.

City Attorney Carrie Miljevich's contract ends this month. Mayor Chris Frederickson has lobbied to expand the role of a legal firm, von Briesen, headquartered in Milwaukee, to take up necessary legal matters beginning June 1. The firm has done work for many municipalities, including several short-term projects for Rhinelander.

Council member Dawn Rog said using this firm would likely see a sharp increase in expenses...

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The Northwoods River News is reporting an Oneida County Sheriff's Department detective who is also a Rhinelander city council member has been placed on paid administrative leave by the Sheriff's Department.

An open records request by the Northwoods River News discovered Ryan Rossling is on leave pending an investigation into an alleged "walking quorum" of council members and Mayor Chris Frederickson.

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A Rhinelander city council member is facing possible charges after a confrontation recently at city hall.

WJFW TV reports council member Dawn Rog was investigated by the Vilas County Sheriff's Department after she and a city IT contractor, Peggy Schauer got into a disagreement at city hall after Rog saw Schauer working near the computers.

At a recent city council meeting, Schauer said Rog told her to leave and it escalated to the point where Schauer alleges Rog pushed her.

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Update 8:00 a.m. 3/12--As per an open records request, the city council went into closed session Monday evening. No action was taken during closed session. Later, in open session,  council member Dawn Rog made a motion to suspend Guild, seconded by Tom Kelly. After discussion, the vote tied at 4-4. Voting for suspension were Rog and Kelly, George Kirby and Lee Emmer. Voting against the suspension were Ryan Rossing, Andrew Larson, David Holt, Steve Sauer. Mayor Chris Frederickson broke the vote by voting no on the motion to suspend, with Rog's motion failing 4-5.

The planned construction on Stevens Street will be allowed to last a longer time after action Monday by the Rhinelander Common Council.

The city plans to redo the main traffic artery beginning this spring. The question that arose was whether to try to package the project into one year, or to have it last over two to possibly three years.


Rhinelander alderperson Dawn Rog Monday night made a passionate plea for all members of the common council take a sharp look at the month's bills and invoices.

A motion to review one month's invoices were set aside until next meeting.

A dispute erupted recently over some office furniture purchased by City Administrator Daniel Guild. The past practice was to have the Finance committee review expenditures of this type and recommend them to the council for approval.



After more than a week of controversy, two Rhinelander government leaders have publicly ended a dispute involving expenditures by City Administrator Daniel Guild.

George Kirby walked out of a meeting last week, feeling the expenditures made by Guild for office equipment were not fully discussed.

At a press conference, Guild and Council President Kirby faced questions about the disagreement.

Guild says he and Kirby spoke after a meeting Tuesday...

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A Rhinelander City Council member says he left a meeting Monday night because he was denied having consideration of bills regarding the remodeling of the City Administrator's office to be placed in the discussion portion of the agenda.

Council President George Kirby Monday said he didn't want to be seated that night because he didn't get the nearly $13,000 in expenditures item up for discussion, but rather inside the consent agenda. The consent agenda is approved in one mass vote rather than voting individually on each item.

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Rhinelander City Administrator Daniel Guild this week talked to the common council about possibly changing how the council conducts its business. He presented a number of options for the council to consider including committee structure and nature of some committees.

Guild cited the city's Economic Development committee which has been inactive. Guild says the state allows for a redevelopment authority or a community development authority. 

Belliveau Resigns From Rhinelander City Council

Dec 8, 2018

Rhinelander third district alderperson Sherrie Belliveau has resigned from the city council, according to a press release from city administrator Daniel Guild.