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Several Northwoods first responder groups have picked up grant money to help their agencies.

The Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is providing a total of $50,000 through its Rewarding Responders Grant to 27 emergency response agencies in this region.

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You likely haven't thought of this, but those happy Mylar balloons that are purchased to celebrate graduations and other summer events can become a power blackout for your neighborhood and beyond.

Wisconsin Public Service reports they've had calls over the years as these balloons rise up and touch power lines causing an outage.

WPS spokesperson Matt Cullen says if celebrants don't pay attention to what happens to the metallic balloons, it could cause problems...

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A dangerous stunt that's gaining notice on the Internet could potentially injure the person involved in it, and Wisconsin Public Service is out with a warning. alled the "Outlet Challenge", WPS spokesperson Matt Cullen describes what it is... 

WPS Proposes Rebate For Residents Who Install Electric Vehicle Chargers

Sep 24, 2019
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GREEN BAY, WI (WSAU) -- Wisconsin Public Service is proposing a new rate credit to help offset the cost of installing electric vehicle chargers in residential homes.


Wisconsin Public Service crews worked through a very cold night to restore power after the intense winter storm cut power to thousands of customers over the weekend.

As of Monday morning about 450 customers are without power, including 15 in Rhinelander, 11 in Three Lakes and 3 in Eagle River.

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The foot or more of snow Tuesday has brought about another concern from Wisconsin Public Service.

Spokesperson Matt Cullen says customers need to check their outdoor meters...


The ice storm Monday caused some power outages across the WPS service area, but crews were responded and the power was back on fairly quickly. That assessment from WPS spokesperson Matt Cullen... 

"..Our crews responded as safely and as quickly as possible to restore service to those customers that were impacted. Since 8:00 a.m. Monday our crews restored power to more than 6,000 customers in the Northwoods area that were impacted by the severe weather than moved through...."

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Wisconsin Public Service is continuing to provide safety grants to area first responders.

Monday, WPS surprised Oneida County EMS with nearly $2,000 for new pediatric patient transport equipment.

Wisconsin Public Service-We Energies

"Sheldon" and "Rosalee" have come home and you have a chance to see their digs up close and personal. Peregrine falcons have returned to the Weston Power Plant near Wausau to nest and raise their young.

The falcons enjoy nesting on high places, in the wild on a high cliff. But the tall power generation towers provide a suitable place for the rare falcons to live and breed.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Matt Cullen says you can see how things are going with Sheldon and Rosalee and their brood...


Utility crews continue to make progress restoring power at the hurricane-ravaged U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

It was the first time that power crews from Wisconsin Public Service and WE Energies went outside the continental United States to help restore power. Several Northwoods personnel joined the effort.

WPS spokesperson Matt Cullen says they have moved from the area they were originally stationed...


The hours and long, the work is hard, but Wisconsin utility crews, including some from north central Wisconsin, have been thanked generously by residents in Puerto Rico.

Nearly three weeks after their arrival in Puerto Rico, more than 60 field employees from Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) and We Energies continue to work diligently to restore power in in areas that remain damaged by Hurricane Maria.

WPS spokesperson Matt Cullen says while substantial portions of the island remain without power, crews have been making progress... 

It will be the first time that power crews from Wisconsin Public Service and WE Energies will be going outside the continental United States to help restore power. Several Northwoods personnel are joining the effort.

WPS announced the deployment Wednesday.

Spokesperson Matt Cullen...

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Minocqua residents are advised some utility work is coming.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Matt Cullen says they want to upgrade the natural gas distribution system...

"....we're starting to upgrade our natural gas distribution facilities in Minocqua this month. Those upgrades include approximately about 2.5 miles of new natural gas distribution mains and several service pipelines...."


Today is August 11. If you put the date into numbers, it's 8-1-1. 8-1-1 is also the number you dial to make sure you don't cut underground utility lines.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Matt Cullen talks about Digger's Hotline...

"....it goes back to the number 8-1-1. That's the number that anyone who is planning to dig or excavate must call. That goes to Digger's Hotline here in Wisconsin to have underground utilities marked. What we want people to do is call at least 3 working days before they begin their digging or excavation project...."

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More power lines are being buried across the Northwoods in an effort to increase reliability.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Matt Cullen says the System Modernization Reliability Project is a multi-year effort by the utility to increase reliability of the electrical distribution system in areas that experience the longest and most frequent outages....